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Dealing with Infectious Diseases in Child Care: The Germs that Bug Us

This webinar was intended as a resource for child care providers, parents, federal and state public policy, early education and public health administrators, as well as those interested in building a robust, safe and healthy child care system that captures the voices of critical stakeholders.

Dr. Edisa Padder and Dr. Jonathan Kotch, from the Maryland Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics and UNC Gillings School of Public Health respectively, discussed infectious disease prevention and out-of-home child care. They shared the stories of families dealing with travel to and from countries experiencing the Ebola epidemic, as well as tips and techniques on how to engage in difficult conversations around public health issues in the child care setting.

The webinar also explains modes of transmissions of the illnesses and risk factors, and addresses at least two ways in which the spread of infectious illnesses can be prevented.